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Comic Book Artist | Free-Spirited Paintings


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Comic Book Artist | Free-Spirited Paintings

24th June: Human Rights Artwork

A pen and ink sketch of Bapu Surat Singh who is on hunger strike for over 160 days and on going. View this image and details of it here

What's Jag Lall up to?

16th June: Digital Paintings

I have updated my digital paintings gallery with artwork which I created for the animated music video, 'Dhan Dhan Mata Sahib Kaur' from Akaal Publishers

30th June: '1400' New Graphic Novel!

Promotional image and details for my new graphic novel '1400' is now live, the book deals with a hard hitting story with an empowering message. Click here for more info

New Post 20th June: My blog page written monthly from a spiritual and inner perspective

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