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Comic Book Artist | Free-Spirited Paintings


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Comic Book Artist | Free-Spirited Paintings

17th November: Punjab Painting

You can view this free-spirited painting, 'Time to Act' in my paintings gallery. This is my personal expression of how i view the situation of the attacks on Sikhs in Punjab, India

What's Jag Lall up to?

17th Novermber: '1400' In Progress

In progress artwork and details for my new graphic novel '1400' is now live, the book deals with a hard hitting story with an empowering message. Click here for more info

17th November: New Painting

You can view my new free-spirited painting, 'The Light Is Blinding', a commission of Bane, the villain from The Dark Knight Rises. Acrylic on canvas

Click here to view my book cover design gallery. I have designed and illustrated on a whole variety of different genres of books

New Post 5th Nov: My blog which is written from an inner and artistic perspective

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