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Welcome to my blog


My blog which is written from a spiritual and inner perspective on my journey as an artist

By Jag Lall, Nov 29 2018 07:00PM

As I start this new painting I been having many a conversation with people about time. I feel there is so much that we can learn from each other in our time here, how one makes most of their time, where they put their energies. I feel it is imperative to enjoy your art in whatever form it is in, since art is an expression of one's soul there needs to be that resonation between the canvas and the artist.

By Jag Lall, Jan 18 2018 10:52PM

Finally I am happy to announce that prints of my paintings will start to become available in my online store. This month is a short little write up but I wanted to jot these thoughts down for this months' blog.

By Jag Lall, Dec 29 2016 06:17PM

'Stop thinking what may be, may be just be it'

This is my first blog for some time now, I have been laying low and just been doing a lot of practice work to improve my drawing ability. It might not sound the most exciting thing but it's been really beneficial for me the past six months of honing my skills and doing nothing but practice.

By Jag Lall, Jul 16 2016 09:13AM

It's been another busy month or networking, I had a great time up in the Midlands at the NEW Academy in Wolverhampton. They are a great bunch of kids, really willing to learn and it was so humbling to see them take some of my art advice and apply it to their paintings.

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