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Do Not Waste Your Gift

By Jag Lall, Dec 31 2015 12:29PM

A short blog for this month, it has been a year of pushing the boundaries of emotion with my canvas paintings and following my soul on the path to comic books. Already 2016 is looking busy with an art display in early January and release of my second graphic novel in March.

Lots to do and lots to complete including more free-spirited canvas paintings and more comic book stories, I definitely want to achieve and push more with my art in the direction I have forged this past year. 2016 is going to be one big, big year of productive artwork and maybe even some music reaching your ears too.

The underlining thread and feeling that has run through my mind this year and coming up to 2016 is simply - do not waste your gift. For me personally I really broke through some mental creative obstacles by following my heart and trying to listen to what my soul wants to achieve. Such is life that one can think 'why did I not turn to my soul ages ago?' but journey's undertaken and experiences are gained. Each step you take towards your goals are built brick by brick, not by the pretty paintwork shining at the end.

I was looking at the artwork I have produced this year I think the painting of 'Life Brother' is the one that has resonated with people the most, so I guess that would be my painting of 2015. Lastly, I want to thank those who have offered their support and kind words, I have met many creative people this year and stumbled upon many a life lesson. So listen to the fire inside and good luck in the year ahead.

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