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Learning on the Journey

By Jag Lall, Apr 23 2015 08:35PM

A blog post which is way overdue but I will endeavour to put out a blog once a month recapping my months' work, thoughts and feelings about the direction I am going in this journey. The big event on the April 11th was Vaisakhi at City Hall, I was very humbled and honoured to be invited to exhibit there alongside other tremendous artists, a few who I had met only for the first time.

It was a real eye opener for me hearing how people seemed to love my work yet had never heard of me. It was on that day that I realised I need to promote more and push myself more, especially because my artwork has a message with social commentary which people need to see and soak in. For many years now people have been telling me how I need to promote so much more but the penny finally dropped on that day.

Also, whilst I was not able to attend the launch of the 'Hola Mahalla' exhibition, I was very happy to be part of that event with my commissioned art piece. The film, art and photography exhibition will still be able to view for another month at Kala Sangam.

It's been busy this month with the release of the artwork I created for the animated music video Mata Sahib Kaur from Akaal Publishers. I have also made some great contacts this month and I was absolutely thrilled to hear how people related on both an emotive and spiritual level to my painting 'Life Brother'. I am always quite hesitant in painting any of the Sikh Guru's so I was delighted to hear the positive response.

I was about to start promotion this month for my next graphic novel but I felt April is a touch early. With the release in August I think I will hold off until May/June. I really am so excited to create such an important project, a project which maybe my most important yet.

I see every day and every minute as a learning experience to become a better person and a better artist. To constantly learn is to constantly evolve and blossom, even if that light seems blinding, the light will lead us up to the sky. There are many areas on which I need to hone my craft and I am grateful for all the chances I have to keep doing what I love, making art.

Here is a photo from City Hall, full credit of image to Indy Hothi.

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