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New Journey Ahead

By Jag Lall, Jan 18 2018 10:52PM

Finally I am happy to announce that prints of my paintings will start to become available in my online store. This month is a short little write up but I wanted to jot these thoughts down for this months' blog.

For being an artist all my life I have really taken far too long to start making prints available for people to purchase and enjoy the artwork in their own homes. I took a lot of time to find the right type of paper (and printer) for my prints as I wanted the paper to have life and feel organic and not like some poster print. There needed to be some representation of my art within these prints and I feel I have achieved that. Each print will be printed on high quality giclee Hahnemuhle German Etching archival paper, with the colours lasting at least 80 years!

The paper is thick and has a texture which helps accentuate my painted brushstrokes. A lot of my paintings have thick layers or lumps of paint on the canvas and I am quite pleased to have found an art paper which also has life and feeling. I have wrestled with the idea of a 'shop' on my website for many years, I think it's that conflict an artist goes through trying to find the balance between being a business and also keeping one's creative soul free. Part of me just wanted to concentrate on the creative side and nothing else, which is great in principle but I have found it difficult to push one's art out there without promotion and exposure.

So I feel I have grown from quite a few lessons on the business side. Opening up an online store is a new venture for me as this whole year is set to be, it's truly about pushing the comics and my art in general this year. I guess life really is about making your own breaks and the pieces will fall as they will.

On my comics, I am working away on my third graphic novel which is starting to take shape now, it will be a story which I feel has been approached from quite a unique way. Hopefully it is a story which can make a positive difference to those who read it. Let's see where my artistic journey heads in 2018...

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