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Projects on the Horizon

By Jag Lall, Feb 22 2016 12:01PM

It has already been a hectic and busy 2016 working on tweaking up my upcoming graphic novel 1400 to scripting and illustrating a new short comic book story which will be exhibited in April.

I been showing preview pages of 1400 to many people who are in the sector of dealing with rape and abuse and the response has been really amazing and humbling. After some good feedback I decided to add a couple of extra pages to the book but I think these are very worthwhile add-ons. I have been using the hashtag #YourPowerYourVoice for 1400, those words really sum up the message of the book and those words also appear in the story. You can find sketches and in progress art for 1400 that have been tagged with those words. Taking both duties of scripting and illustrating on a project takes time so it is great to finally see the light with 1400. Originally I was aiming for a March release but with the added pages, script tweaks and the other comic book short story to do, the release will be April/May.... so there will be a lot of comic book art coming your way in April!

I set myself a target of illustrating a page a day and I was able to achieve that which has been good for me because I need to be able to pencil and ink minimum a page a day. One other thing I am looking at is to draw the panel borders by hand rather than create them digitally. Little things like that all help speed up the process and speed is integral when it comes to producing pages. It's all about progressing as an artist and in the direction I want to go into.

For those who read my blogs you will notice I do often speak about following one's heart and gut when it comes to moving in a certain direction. It is quite humbling for me that since I decided to go down the route of comic books I am now set to release my second graphic novel and also set to exhibit a short unique comic book story of which I look forward to speaking about in more detail when the time is right. These events would certainly never have happened if I didn't decide to follow that path so it's quite something to see how the universe knits things together when you take a decisive action.

One of the best things I did this year was purchase a really good high quality A3 scanner. There aren't many of these around but since I do all my comic book artwork at an A3 size it was becoming more apparent that I had to purchase one rather than having to rely on getting artwork scanned elsewhere. A long term investment that is already paying dividends, having the right tools is ever so important and I am being more clinical with that side of things. If I really need something for my art I will just pick it up now - sometimes you have to take the hit in the short term to get reap in the long term. For my own works, finding letterer Rob Jones has been absolutely brilliant for me. It's a real weight off my mind not having to worry about lettering my comic books and now I have a professional on board to do these things. Look out for the great work he does on my upcoming projects and hopefully beyond.

Recently, I've trawled working through several book cover designs and illustrations and am currently also working on a book which touches on some important themes. It's certainly a book which could make a splash and I am quite excited to see where it goes. I also got a painting commission which I need to slip in somehow next week. I really am looking forward to sharing my upcoming projects with everyone and very soon I will start to post preview pages of 1400, so stay tuned for that!

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