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Scribbling away

By Jag Lall, Aug 28 2015 05:16PM

Another busy month with productive art being created for my upcoming graphic novel 1400. I decided to take my time on the project because I want the art and the message to really hit home and make the strongest possible impact.

I have been very encouraged to hear the fantastic feedback from artists including those in the comic book industry. Right this minute, my letterer on this story, Rob Jones, is working on putting the speech bubbles to the first few pages. I am hugely excited to see all this come together! All being well everything should be finished around October-November time, so just over a year it will have taken for me to complete whole book.

This whole 1400 project has been a real experience illustrating and scripting with such a taboo and controversial subject. The amount of times I have had to think over and redraw certain panels in case they may have been deemed too strong was a good experience for me to look deeper into the subject matter and the way one story tells.

I have been thinking a lot about my artistic direction and a friend of mine quite poignantly stated that I am a Sikh artist who is not defined by Sikh art. That is pretty apt for me. I have always been big advocate on following the heart and soul, they seem to know the way on this open road that is life. There are two more Dub Simran shows where Dubtician will be travelling with my artwork but as far as the UK goes I will not be attending. I need to focus my energies on this comic book and on that road. I feel that people, not intentionally, tend to pull me in different directions so it is good that I have learnt to say 'no' and burn a bridge and not be scared to be a lone ranger if needed.

I think in some ways I feel I need to work on a fresh new bath of paintings, apart from commissioned work the paintings will take a back seat for pretty much most of the year. In that sense I am already planning 2016 and looking ahead of what to do, to close and what to open in my life.

I recently just got a private commission to paint a Bane canvas painting. As a big Batman fan myself the chance to paint a Batman villain is a lot of fun which is something I don't get to do a lot these days. A lot of my work is rather deep, serious and with a thought provoking message - that is my niche as an artist. However for my own soul and well being, it will be good to do something just for the fun and thrill of it.

You can attend viewings of my artwork at two of Dub Simran shows, 3rd September at The King's Lounge, Birmingham, the other one 10th September at the Dominion Centre, Southall.

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