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Seven Years Forward

By Jag Lall, Sep 29 2015 06:20PM

It has been another busy, busy month this week with a few choices to be made. I been making several sacrifices to finish off my upcoming graphic novel '1400'. I have had offers to exhibit both home and abroad but in the main I chose to just stick working on completing pages for the book. I did however make an exception to exhibit alongside Dubtician at the Dub Simran Sessions that have took place across the UK this month.

Around seven years ago I quite randomly bumped into a man called Jasmeet at an Eboo Patel (President of Interfaith Youth Core) talk in London. One of us was looking for directions to the event, I cannot remember which one of us it was. So we got talking and I showed him my anti-racism graphic novel, Death's Door and we seemed to vibe off each other pretty well. The event itself was ok, I got to give a copy of Death's Door to Eboo but I will always remember it for 'randomly' meeting Jasmeet. Our friendship was weaved that day, I am not someone who is a big believer in coincidences so I think the universe played a little hand that day.

Seven years later arrives Dub Simran Sessions, an experience where both Jasmeet (Dubtician) and I showcase our own soul and essence through simran and art respectively. Due to Dub Simran Sessions my artwork has been displayed from London to Birmingham with many other possible destinations in the pipeline. Exciting! It is quite something to think that all this happened due to a drop from the universe seven years ago and Dub Simran Sessions with Jag Lall Art exhibition is a ripple of that. Both Jasmeet and I had both been saying to each other we should do some sort of collaboration be it through a merger of art and music or simply jamming and doing simran (I play guitar). Fast forward seven years and it's happened.

I think what I am trying to say is all things happen when and how they are supposed to. It can be easy to say 'why not now!' but maybe you are not ready for 'now' be it mentally or spiritually. Also, I have realised through experience that you need to work harder and then harder still to make hopes of tomorrow turn into today.

Keep nurturing yourself and your way ahead, sometimes you will be walking on your own and other times your path maybe joined with others. Either way go walk with an open heart knowing that the universe has many a plan for you on the road ahead, your footsteps are not placed in vain.

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