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The Shop is Now...Closed!

By Jag Lall, Jun 20 2015 04:32PM

Sometimes in an effort to promote myself more and push myself out there I realised I needed to pull back the horses and take a good look. After much thought and chin scratching (or perhaps that should be beard scratching) I have decided to remove the recently added online shop from my website. Why?

Well, honestly, something just did not sit right with me, every time I was twiddling my website I would see the 'shop' icon at the top and think to myself 'just what am I trying to achieve here?'. The idea just did not sit well with me in terms of who I am as a human being because the shop icon just seemed rather pushy and overt. Of course if people want to buy my prints or original paintings there are lots of avenues for that but I want my website to strictly be an artistic experience, not a push for a profit. Perhaps I just need to find a more subtle approach for the shop or just rename it so it does not seem so shopping mall sounding.

The 'shop' icon has been replaced by the 'Graphic Novels' label - now that is definitely more me! Inking over the draft pencils has now started on my 46 page upcoming graphic novel and it really does look intense with the black and white artwork looking quite striking. There is also a dash of red in the book which leads to more narrative. This book will be the most important piece of art I have ever created, I have very high hopes the message of the story will help empower others. Hopefully this book will break some new ground for discussion and I also think there are not too many stories in the comic book industry which has tackled the books' subject matter.

The title of the book is '1400' and on Monday 22nd June the first promotional image will be revealed as well as details of the message and title meaning.

June is nearly over and so is my 30 day '4 minute sketch portrait' project to help raise money for those in need in Nepal. It has been fun and quite humbling to see how this little germ of an idea has helped raise cash to buy supplies or food to give to those in need. I have sketched everything from portraits to weddings so it really has been a lot of fun. It was quite common for me to put on a four minute song and sketch away for each donation. I actually do miss doing seva work for UNITED SIKHS but I have set my compass to push for my own ventures for the time being, I will let the future with that be for now.

Also I will be waving goodbye to Tales of the Talisman, a magazine where over the years I have created artwork for their horror style stories. Laura, the art editor really allowed me to be as sketchy as I wanted with the art and gave me a nice platform to work on my skills. The magazine will be going on a hiatus and time wise for me it was getting difficult so in some ways this suits us both.

I do hope to have some exciting news to bring later on in the year, I am ploughing through making contacts and seeing how that will all blossom. However over the course of the next two months it really is all about my next graphic novel and details will start pouring forth soon enough once the book nears completion. For the time being look out for the promo art!

An image displaying some of the film noir style artwork illustrated for Tales of the Talisman

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