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Valuing One's Self

By Jag Lall, Jul 29 2015 05:07PM

I think every human being, not just artists, go through stages in their lives where they struggle to fully value themselves. That could stem from self confidence issues about succeeding or becoming who they wish to be. Are we too led by others in what we should create or even worse, what we should be?

I have had people say I should charge hundreds for pieces I value at thousands, and some say I should charge thousands for work I value at hundreds!

At the end of the day, the most truest value of one's art and one's life is the individual. If we don't appreciate our own hard work then why should anyone else? I think it's very important not to let one's life turn into a carousel with society pressing the button.

This month has seen a burst of awareness for my art, notably my 'Life Brother' painting which depicts Guru Gobind Singh leaning on his horse. I have to give a major thanks to actress Neeru Bajwa who kindly posted my Life Brother canvas painting with the correct website credit after she first posted an image that someone snapped of my painting and changed the colours without my permission nor crediting me. Many people have posted the incorrect image online without caring so it was a pleasant surprise that Neeru went out of her way to find and post the genuine image and credit me, I have lots of respect for her doing that.

This month has been a real struggle and a rather lonely road, the dreams we want most are always the furthest star to reach. I am still dreaming and working away to break into the comic book industry, which is what I want in terms of my art more than anything. In regards to '1400' I know that this will all be worth it when the book gets completed and fingers crossed creates a huge impact. I have been scribbling away at my graphic novel, I am pushing the details in the pages more and more and forcing myself to be more dynamic and be more polished in how the art communicates with the viewer. I am finding that I am redoing a lot of the art because I want to push its quality higher.

Several paintings are in the works which I hope to share soon, I am still wanting to work at a bigger size though. Usually my paintings are around 40'' x 30'' but I think I could work on an even larger scale. I am currently drafting up a unique free-spirited painting of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in my own expression which I will need to explore with a bigger canvas.

Also, my art will be displayed at some festivals abroad which I hope to attend but I will post more information with a proper announcement if this all comes to pass.

It's been a tough month, let's see what August brings.

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