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Welcome to my blog


My blog which is written from a spiritual and inner perspective on my journey as an artist

By Jag Lall, May 23 2015 05:11PM

Well it's coming up to the end of the month and what a month!

I have been thinking a lot about my art recently, where it may lead and where my choices and dreams will take me. Sometimes the road can be rather precarious, frustrating yet also absolutely enriching all at the same time. I have learnt to embrace the climb because the inner self, the soul knows the way even if our mind is unsure. I think when one strives to be the best that they can and gives their heart to make their dreams come true, the universe will weave in your melody.

By Jag Lall, Apr 23 2015 08:35PM

A blog post which is way overdue but I will endeavour to put out a blog once a month recapping my months' work, thoughts and feelings about the direction I am going in this journey. The big event on the April 11th was Vaisakhi at City Hall, I was very humbled and honoured to be invited to exhibit there alongside other tremendous artists, a few who I had met only for the first time.

By Jag Lall, Sep 21 2014 10:55AM

Finding the niche that you wish to dive into and learning to let things go is never an easy decision but over the past few months I took the choice to drop a lot of artwork and projects and put a stop to that. I have always wanted to develop my comic book career more but I had put that aside to do so many other projects; book covers, range of digital work and various commissions. Though I enjoyed a lot of the work I created, I found that I spread myself way, way too thin doing all kinds of jobs and work for people, taking on anything and everything. However I always felt I was on the cusp of my true calling with my art, like standing on top a mountain of light but my eyes were blinded by the fog around me.

By Jag Lall, Sep 15 2014 10:49PM

Here is my new website with more emphasis on my comic book art. I have lots of fantastic projects set to be released this year from music videos, DVD art and a brand new powerful comic book which I hope will have a major positive impact.

My blog will be updated weekly with my own personal look into my art, message and direction as both an artist and human being on this journey called life.

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