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My blog which is written from a spiritual and inner perspective on my journey as an artist

By Jag Lall, Sep 29 2015 06:20PM

It has been another busy, busy month this week with a few choices to be made. I been making several sacrifices to finish off my upcoming graphic novel '1400'. I have had offers to exhibit both home and abroad but in the main I chose to just stick working on completing pages for the book. I did however make an exception to exhibit alongside Dubtician at the Dub Simran Sessions that have took place across the UK this month.

By Jag Lall, Jul 29 2015 05:07PM

I think every human being, not just artists, go through stages in their lives where they struggle to fully value themselves. That could stem from self confidence issues about succeeding or becoming who they wish to be. Are we too led by others in what we should create or even worse, what we should be?

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