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'1400' is a hard hitting original story that delves into the inner psyche of the emotional battle of 15 year old Sharanjeet, who through her nightmares we see struggle to lift the lid on the trauma of rape and emotional abuse that she suffers at the hands of the monsters.


The message of the book is to help empower those who have been or are in such a situation that they can talk and that there are avenues to do this, be it through family, friends, Police or organisations. The moral is to talk and not to feel ashamed, not to feel guilty even or feel that no one will believe you. The story, whilst a sensitive subject matter, is a topic I feel very strongly about and I wanted to express my thoughts and feelings through my artistic narrative in the hopes that it can hopefully make a positive difference in someone's life. I want this story to help empower those in turmoil that they can make a stand and that they won't be alone. I feel especially in the Indian communities there is fear of being shunned from the family or looked down upon from the community so the fact the girl involved is a Sikh will hopefully raise extra awareness.








How can '1400' be used in schools



•'1400' would be used as an educational tool in PSHCE (Personal, Social, Home, Citizenship, Education) classes. The story touches on themes such as rape and abuse, relationships, which are all encompassed in PSHCE classes.  


•'1400' is aimed towards secondary school students and above


•The graphic novel will primarily be used as a powerful discussion tool to help students talk more openly in class about this difficult subject matter. Also, with the main character being a young person, the story will be more relatable to the students


•The visuals contain impact and emotion which will engage the students, the appealing nature of a graphic novel will resonate with young people


•'1400' touches upon the message of seeking help and support which is very important because children do tend to struggle to discuss problems with their parents for reasons ranging from fear to guilt. '1400' promotes the action of talking to their parents about sensitive issues such as rape and abuse


•The hard hitting story will also help show to young boys that girls are real people with real feelings and the ramifications of sexual abuse


•The price of the book is £7.99 with discount available on bulk orders


'1400' is available to buy here where you can buy safely using Paypal.

'Beautifully - if terrifyingly - drawn. This will really be something that could help young people'

Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham and Shadow Minister for Preventing Abuse and Domestic Violence

'WOW – I LOVE IT – what can I say – the power of art – it was gripping and gritty and SO on the nail!'

Marilyn Hawes, Enough Abuse UK

‘I absolutely love it and it has been done with sensitivity and care’

Fiyaz Mughal, Faith Matters

‘1400 is a significant work dealing with the victims of race and abuse and once again he has dealt with a controversial topic with sensitivity and intelligence’

David Hine, Marvel Comics & DC Comics Writer