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About Jag Lall

Jag Lall is a free-spirited artist storytelling with comic books and paintings.

Having gone through an artistic journey ranging from poster design to illustrating storyboards and concept art for short films such as 'God is Dead' (which debuted at Cannes Film Festival 2011), Jag found his true expression through realising his dream in creating and illustrating comic books. 

He wrote and illustrated the anti-racism graphic novel 'Death's Door: Ignorance Likes Company' which was supported by the United Nations Association of Canada. The book itself has been one of the few graphic novels to be used in schools both in England and Canada and was also adapted into a school theatre production in Ontario, Canada. His emotive second graphic novel '1400', tackled rape and abuse and has had an impact in communities and been used in schools.


Outside the art industry, Lall has also given his time and skills to charitable organisations such as The Prince's Trust, creating artwork to make a difference and to help others.


From exhibiting canvas paintings at City Hall, London to creating a live painting at the Royal Society of Art, Jag Lall's artwork is constantly bringing emotion, discussion and intrigue through both comic books and canvas paintings.

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