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Free-Spirited Artist | Storytelling with Comic Books and Paintings




My artwork is pretty expressive and I try to bring my soul onto the canvas for my comics and paintings. When it comes to comics I use both brushes and calligraphic nibs and pens. Stylistically I have been influenced by Henry Moore, Todd McFarlane and Frank Miller with their heavy use of lines. In my early years my art was very sketchy but I have harnessed that side to be more pinpoint and communicate better.


I have always seen myself as a storyteller and the comic book medium with it's merge of narrative and illustrations provides the perfect platform for me. I find painting to be both liberating and a great source of inspiration to relay my thoughts and emotions. Something so spectacular and free about chucking paint onto canvas.



Yes! I have always been a big believer that art can change and impact the world, throughout history art has lifted society and made great strides even if sometimes it has been controversial. I've always had a great desire to make a positive difference in the world and my art is also an extension of that emotion.


I wrote and illustrated the graphic novel 'Death's Door: Ignorance Likes Company' which gathered rave reviews and has been used in schools both in England and Canada. Seeing first hand how people reacted to the book from school theatre shows to youth groups, it proved the impact of art in society. My most recent graphic novel '1400' which tackles rape and abuse is another piece of art which is resonating with people and making an impact. I have also illustrated for several charities including the Prince's Trust and again seen the power of the artistic medium. So paint, draw, create, sing or dance - it can all make a difference.



I feel that one should try to nourish and branch out their soul in as many ways as possible and whilst drawing and painting is the root of me, music is just another branch to my tree. Life is an expression so I try to express myself in various ways that my soul sees fit.



If life is just a dream then that means nothing is impossible. Be who you wish to be and walk the path you wish to follow even if it is tough and winding. Like the sight of a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, somethings in life are worth pushing for. Good luck!

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