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'Death's Door'

Ignorance Likes


'Death's Door: Ignorance Likes Company' is an anti-racism graphic novel aimed towards tackling racism and the ignorance of other cultures. Written and illustrated by Jag Lall, the book has gathered support from the United Nations Association of Canada and has been used in schools and youth groups in both England and Canada. 'Death's Door' provides a startling and perceptive tale of ignorance, hate, fear but ultimately a plea for unity. The book has been adapted to the stage in Canada and was brilliantly performed by the students of QECVI in Kingston, Ontario Canada.

For teachers interested please visit the online store or for bulk orders get in touch via the contact form


Having suffered racial abuse and hearing from other people how they were victims of racism after the London bombings in 2005, I wanted to create a piece of art, a message, to make people not judge each other by labels or stereotypes but instead get to actually know who that person standing opposite them really is.

Steve Surman,

Broken Frontier

It deserves a heartfelt round of applause for the courage of it's content and the confidence of it's craft

David Hine,

Marvel Comics &

DC Comics Writer

It's a powerfully written comic

Bob Cussler,


The dramatic art and stark yet poignant dialogue makes this story accessible to young people


'Death's Door' the play adaption was a fantastic success and was brilliantly performed for two nights by the students of QECVI in Kingston, Ontario Canada in 2012.


Watch the show from the first night! :


Behind the Scenes at the final show! :

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