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Focusing on the path

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

(Archive from Sep 21 2014 10:55AM)

Finding the niche that you wish to dive into and learning to let things go is never an easy decision but over the past few months I took the choice to drop a lot of artwork and projects and put a stop to that. I have always wanted to develop my comic book career more but I had put that aside to do so many other projects; book covers, range of digital work and various commissions. Though I enjoyed a lot of the work I created, I found that I spread myself way, way too thin doing all kinds of jobs and work for people, taking on anything and everything. However I always felt I was on the cusp of my true calling with my art, like standing on top a mountain of light but my eyes were blinded by the fog around me.

Learning to let things go is quite liberating.

Now I am mainly focusing on my comics and it feels great and exciting. It is a harder route for sure, the comic book industry is one of the hardest to break into but I am certainly going to give it my heart and soul. We all wish to find inner happiness and when it comes down to my art, I feel that my happiness lies with comic books with paintings followed after. I was very much illustrating comics with the independent scene for a while but barring Death's Door I have been away from comics as a whole for a fair few amount of years. Honestly I have really missed it so I am currently scrawling away at various art submissions for comic book companies whilst also scripting my next comic book.

It is a special feeling of listening to your instinct and following it to find that this certain path really is the right road for you both spiritually and emotionally. I took a risk of taking no new big projects so that I could concentrate on pushing forward with my submissions and drawings and I really believe it is and will pay off. It is easy to say 'I wish I did this years ago' but that is all part of the journey. Taking on all those submissions are experiences, think of them like tools and wisdom on the greater path. No one climbs to top of the mountain without any tools.

Sometimes letting go and focusing on what needs to be done is very difficult but I feel that if one listens to their heart and instinct, then most of the time you will end up where you really want to be.

So here I am with a bunch of bristol board paper, inks, brushes and nibs ready to dive into the world I wish to belong, where heroes are made and heroes are drawn.

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