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As I start this new painting I been having many a conversation with people about time. I feel there is so much that we can learn from each other in our time here, how one makes most of their time, where they put their energies. I feel it is imperative to enjoy your art in whatever form it is in, since art is an expression of one's soul there needs to be that resonation between the canvas and the artist.

One such person who truly lived with each moment was the comic book creator Stan Lee. His recent passing has been on my mind, here was an individual who maximised every second of time, how many of us can say the same?

As I strive and struggle to make it into comics I been thinking whether if my journey would have ever started at all if not for his genius and creativity for creating these incredible characters which gripped me in my youth. Before I became a huge Batman/Superman fan, Spider-man and Wolverine comics were the first characters I resonated and started reading. I was so taken into this world of storytelling, this 'marvel' and I've never looked back. My fleeting moment of seeing Stan Lee in the flesh was back in 2016 in Chicago. I saw a massive gathering of people at the Marvel area, a big cheer and right past me walked Stan himself. Just seeing him for those few seconds gave me such a big smile. Even now it still does.

I've been fighting with my art for quite some time, too many blank canvases not seeping with colour and not enough ink in those empty panels on my page. After over a decade of trying to break into the comic book industry it does get frustrating and emotionally draining but I've never been one to give up. After knocking on that door for so long, eventually it will start to open and that is something I vouch for.

Most importantly, I’ve learned it's important to put down the sword and to really appreciate and enjoy each moment that one creates with their art - just like Stan Lee did.


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