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It's been another busy month or networking, I had a great time up in the Midlands at the NEW Academy in Wolverhampton. They are a great bunch of kids, really willing to learn and it was so humbling to see them take some of my art advice and apply it to their paintings.

I been doing a lot of practice work which might not sound terribly exciting but it is something I felt I really needed and I hope to see it's rewards later down the line. Sometimes you have to leave your ego at the door and say to yourself 'how can I improve'. It is something I really would support people to do, to keep learning and bettering yourself.

From a business point of view, networking hasn't always been my greatest branch of my artistic tree but it is something I have been pushing a lot more now and it has actually been beneficial too. I find getting to meet people much more organic than the whole social media style promotion and networking, I really struggle with posting up constantly but I think if one is genuine about their work and principles than that will show through.

For me, I always have wanted my art to do all the talking for me but I can't always just rely on that sadly. The best advice I got recently was to realise my art is a business, and as a business you need to market it and to approach the promotional side from that mentality.

My art direction is quite steady in where I want it to go with the comic books, I guess it is quite niche too, so it is just about getting to where I need to go.

'1400' is steadily moving forward and you will be hearing a lot more about it in the months ahead with several organisations showing a lot of support and interest and on top of that is the upcoming London book launch. I had to change printers due to reliability and trust so that has been an added obstacle but that is something which has been sorted out now.

I have attached the image of Love Earth because after the horrific events in Nice, I feel we need to keep our love for each other and this world stronger than hate and destruction.


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