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A Step Forward

(Archive from Dec 29 2016 06:17PM)

'Stop thinking what may be, may be just be it'

This is my first blog for some time now, I have been laying low and just been doing a lot of practice work to improve my drawing ability. It might not sound the most exciting thing but it's been really beneficial for me the past six months of honing my skills and doing nothing but practice.

I really am making it my goal to get into the comic book industry and establish myself as a comic book artist with publishers. I feel the only way I can do that is by working hard and becoming a better artist so I have been on a personal art boot camp of sorts the past many months. There really is no easy way to being the best you can be, just got to keep chipping away, work hard at your dreams and have faith.

I took a big decision to step away from a lot of things (and people) and just mainly focus on myself. It actually felt pretty liberating to just focus on what I needed to, it really makes you realise about priorities in life. I am hoping to fine tune my art even more at the turn of the year and continue to create more artwork and keep knocking on that door to get working in the comic book industry. I also have several canvas paintings to create so I look forward to sharing those especially as I not been at the easel for quite some time.

I have been thinking for a while about putting my anti-racism graphic novel, 'Death's Door: Ignorance Likes Company' up to view for free on my website with a link to purchase the book. I feel the story has an important message to say and it will give people a chance to view the whole story.

I did get the chance to have a table at the London Iqbal Qawali concert event hosted by Lafz Magazine last month. I really enjoyed bringing '1400' to a different audience and sharing with people the art and talking a lot the origin of how this unique graphic novel started. With the shocking football abuse cases unravelling in the news recently it really does hammer the view of how important the message of empowering the courage within and speaking out is.

Exciting news is a third book in the pipeline which should be finished by end of the summer of 2017. The story will be enriched with a lot of socially conscious material but the visual setting will be quite a departure from my usual works. Fully inked pages and concept art from this new book will be popping up sometime soon with the first six pages already pencilled and inked. I am really excited to share this new book with everyone and the artwork will be completely black and white.

Big year coming up, see you in 2017!

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