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Can the light can scare more than the dark?

(Archive from Feb 5 2015 01:45PM)

I have been thinking a lot lately about one's potential and talents. Being blessed with creative skill really is nothing more than having a hammer and a nail to put together a table. You still have to do the work to put the table together. Quite simply talent is nothing if you don't dedicate the time to make it blossom.

On my road I have discovered that as hard as I may work, quite frankly I need to work harder. Those dreams we wish and yearn for will always stay adrift if we do not give our talent the time to develop and nourish to become something truly wonderful.

I feel artistically it will take me quite some time to get to the target I have but it will take even longer if I stand idly by. Does the notion of success stifle people in fear because they feel they don't deserve success, or feel that they simply do not have the capacity to stand alongside other top professionals. Does the idea of actually making that dream come true scare one to the bone, the actual possibility of something you have wanted all your life could come true. Is it human nature to flicker to the negative and defeatist point of view? Do we set ourselves to fail so that in the end we only have ourselves to blame or tell our minds 'well I was never going to make it anyway'.

I have been contemplating such things as I am at a very critical stage in my artistic growth and direction. Choosing the right path is one thing but one also must walk it no matter how narrow and blinding it may seem.

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